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A milestone for Clean Cooking in Rwanda

It seems like a small step, but it is an important milestone on the way to Clean Cooking in Rwanda.

Yesterday the first Institutional Model Electric Pressure Cooker (EPC) landed in Kigali, Rwanda. Today was the un-boxing party at the Electrocook office. It is a 40 liter model pressure cooker that will be used at institutions that still cook on harmful charcoal, firewood or even using expensive LPG.

Left the 6 liter household model, right the 40 liter institutional model.

At Electrocook we know better than anyone that there is only one way to cook cleanly and at the same time efficiently. That is with an EPC, preferably powered by electricity from a renewable energy source such as hydro- or solar power.

We are going to subject this pressure cooker to various tests, we want to know its performance, the cost of cooking meals compared to other cooking sources, but we also want to become familiar with cooking large(r) quantities of beans, rice, cassava and other traditional Rwandan meals.

For the context; Rwanda is on the eve of a huge transition to Clean Cooking. At Electrocook we have now gained experience with the use of EPCs in households by conducting a pilot study and commercial sales. But we now also want to gain similar experiences within institutions that cook large amounts of food every day. Think especially of (boarding)schools, hospitals, refugee camps, restaurants and others. The impact on households is huge. But we are convinced that the impact for the institutions we target will be many times higher. In addition, we should not forget that we are making an important contribution to the SDGs, the fight against climate change and for Rwanda specifically against deforestation.

Our mission is clear, Electrocook is at the forefront of Clean Cooking with electric pressure cookers in Rwanda and we will be part of the nationwide transition to Clean Cooking. Not only for households, this 40 liter cooker will be a real breakthrough and game changer in the field of Clean Cooking. If it proves to be suitable, we will certainly scale up to the 65 liter models. Stay connected, you will be hearing a lot more from us.

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