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Our business models

Our focus is on the distribution of Electric Pressure Cookers in Rwanda.

We do that in different ways;

Business-to-consumer -- is a retail model where our Electric Pressure Cookers move directly from a business to the end consumer who has purchased the product for personal use. You can get the product at our own Electrocook Distribution point in Kimihurura, from a sales agent or one of our resellers in Kigali. Later this year we expect to have resellers in Muhanga, Huye, Musanze and Gisenyi as well. A full list of resellers will be published here very soon.


Electrocook will also sell the products to consumers during one of the demonstrations at local markets or well known coffee bars in Rwanda. Keep an eye on our Social media postings to know where you can find us.


Business to Business -- In this case, we do business with (large) companies and NGOs in Rwanda that want to facilitate the purchase of an EPC for their customers, employees or families they support.


Companies often do this out of a their Corporate Social Responsibility in which they endorse the objectives of Clean Cooking.


In this case, a company can support its employees or customers with a loan or a monthly installment plan.


Please contact if you would like to learn more about this model.

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