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Training for the Pilot study

The pilot study training has been organized in order to train and teach seven enumerators how to use the Electrocook Electric Pressure Cooker (EPC) so that they acquire knowledge and skills necessary for them to be the Electrocook ambassadors.

The role of ambassadors will be to follow and support the 50 households every day. These households at Bugasera, Murama Sector have been selected to be part of the first pilot study in Clean cooking with an Electric Pressure Cooker in Rwanda. After the distribution of EPCs, the ambassadors will be the first contact for the households. Ambassadors will also support us when conducting the surveys and collecting data, as part of the study.

The training took 5 days where each day the trainers were showing the students how to use the EPC with different kind of food. They cooked a variety of food, after the participant would have a lunch break and enjoy the food they prepared. During the trainings, the trainees would have time to try using the EPC by themselves and ask questions where they face challenges. From now, the students know how to support the families how to use the EPC during the daily cooking activities.

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