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SEforAll forum, Kigali 2022

The three-day SEforAll forum was a great success for us. We attended interesting plenary sessions, we were finally able to shake hands with our partners after the pandemic and we made many new contacts.

The day before the forum, we made a field visit with EEP/NDF (our donor) to the Bugesera district where we are currently conducting our first pilot study.

The opening ceremony at day one

We visited the mini-grid site from our partner, ARC Power, and one of the 50 households participating in the pilot study. The results of the study will follow later this year.

For Electrocook, the forum and the meetings were an important step and further acquaintance with a way forward in the benefits of the Carbon credits, data analysis for our future pilot studies, learning about subsidy programs and other Clean cooking alternatives that we have seen in the shared booth of MECS and the Clean Cooking Alliance. It's also nice to see that our Electric Pressure Cookers got all the attention in this booth.

Particularly striking at the forum was the extent to which Clean Cooking is currently in the spotlight, on the one hand because of the well-attended booth of MECS/Clean Cooking Alliance, but on the other hand also because of the many plenary sessions that were organized on this specific subject. Well done SEforAll.

We enjoyed the field visit we organized for our guests the day before the event started and enjoyed three fantastic days at the Kigali Convention Center. We look back on it with pleasure and happy to share an impression in the pictures below.

Using Electrocook at a household and in use for demo at the MECS booth

Households using the Electrocook are connected to the ARC Power minigrid

Field visit at Bugesera District



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