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From a stressful firewood collection to an easy and happy life with an EPC.

Married and mum of 3 Kids, Emerite live in the village of Rucucu in Nyamata (Eastern province of Rwanda). Before getting the Electrocook pressure cooker, she was struggling to collect firewood everyday. But now, she has no more stress. Few days ago, we visited her and she enthusiastically shared with us the benefits of using the EPC. She said:

''My life became easy. Now I can cook good food for my family within 30 minutes at a very low cost. There is a big difference with the time I used to wake up early in the morning to look for firewood in order to prepare porridge for my kids before they go to school. And when back from fields, I had to spend many hours in the kitchen. But now, I can start cooking even late in the evening. This EPC has completely changed my life''.

Like was Emerite, many women are still struggling and spend hours outside looking for firewood, tired, when back from a long day in the fields. And all this with the risk of catching respiratory diseases from the smoke. Electrocook really cares and it is our mission to transform the lives of these women and their families at large.

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