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Findings of the Rwanda Cooking Diaries

The findings of the Rwanda Cooking Diaries was presented today by Energy4Impact and MECS and the Electrocook team was there as well.

This report presents the learnings from a cooking diary study conducted to understand how Rwandan people transition to different fuels or cooking appliances, particularly with Electric pressure Cookers (EPCs), and how this affects their cooking practices.

Findings of the Rwanda Cooking Diaries study show that cooking with an Electric Pressure Cooker is cheaper than cooking with both charcoal and LPG in Rwanda, it's also faster, more convenient and fits most of the commonly cooked dishes. Read more in the report.

It was an honor to give a cooking demonstration to the attendees and the online participants (they missed the smell when the lid was opened). We showed how a traditional Rwandan meal can be prepared in a short time with the use of a minimum of electricity with an Electrocook EPC.

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